EAR presents
Sound Electric '07, Dublin

International Festival of Contemporary Music
20 - 24 November 2007
Dundalk Institute of Technology

Five days of electroacoustic and live electronic music, improvisation, music theatre,
audiovisual screenings, talks and workshops

point . light . sound .
Sounds meet visuals at an abstract junction
Second part of audiovisual screening from international selection

Works selected from an open call by Anthony Kelly.
For further info please visit www.soundselectric.org

EAR - new music collective

Electro Acoustic Revue (EAR) is a Dublin-based collective of composers and performers who specialise in the electroacoustic medium and its interactions with instrumental music. Since its inception in 2001, EAR has developed a reputation for innovative performances of new works of Irish and international composers.

Programme 1 - Wednesday 21 Nov, 4pm, Whitaker Lecture Theatre
Features audiovisual compositions by Dario Bove, Alan Lambert, Irene Buckley and Mike Hannon, Peter Maybury, Tilman Küntzel, Fran Hartnett, Ceilia Eid & Sebastien Beranger, Denis McArdle, Danny McCarthy, Darran Smyth, Projector Collective and Stom Sogo.

Programme 2 - Thursday 22 Nov, 4pm, Whitaker Lecture Theatre
Featues audiovisual compositions by Modulate Collective, David Bickley, Irene Buckley and Mike Hannon, Brian Bridges & Libby Fabricatore, Paul Hearn, Alexis Kirke & Lola Perrin, Mario Radinovic & Iris Garrelfs, Moira Tierney, Paolo Inverni, Tilman Küntzel and Arturo Fuentes.

Länge: 6.47 Min.

Television images of politicians being interviewed show us different worlds of perception. While the politician speaks to reporters, the bodyguard concentrates on potential dangers in the surrounding area. The viewer becomes witness to two parallel worlds, yet is inclined to pay more attention to the politician, who speaks outwardly to matters of public interest. The bodyguard brings to the situation a dramatically greater intensity, but one that is directed inward. He is deep in concentration, communicating through a small earpiece with a network that remains hidden from the viewer. The images are characterized by this contrast, which endows them with a particular tension. The video shifts the focus onto the bodyguard's inner perception.

Composition for Water
Länge: 4.44 Min.
Video footage from an underwater camera served here as the compositional material. To produce this footage, I invited friends to go bathing with me at a lake in the summer of 1988. I brought along a Sony Handycam I rented from a video store and for which an underwater case was available. Since the encased camera was no larger than a ball, we kept the camera rolling and played water polo with it. The montage was then done on a U-Matic Low-Band cutting table.